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7 Best 15000 Watt Generators That Will Run Anything

After researching several different options, I was able to find the best 15000 watt generator on the market that will meet the requirements of all the other contractors who are building or working in remote areas that require a large amount of power. In the upcoming articles, we will compare some of the best options that will allow you to pick the right one for your application.

There are two main components to look for when selecting a generator. First, it has to be capable of producing a sufficient amount of power. And secondly, you should look for options with more than enough outlets and tools to get the additional outlets they require. How Much Power Do You Need?

Best 15000 Watt Generator – At A Glance

Best 15000 Watt Generators Reviews

1. DuroMax XP15000E Gas Powered Portable Generator-15000 Watt Electric Start-Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black

DuroMax XP15000E Gas Powered Portable Generator is the best in the industry with its 15000 peak watts and 12000 running watts. This generator features Duromax MX2 Technology which provides maximum power from each of the 120 volt receptacles, saving fuel and reducing noise. It also features an idle control system that automatically monitors and adjusts engine speed to match load demand.

2. Generac 5734 GP15000E 15000 Running Watts/22500 Starting Watts Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator

Are you looking for a commercial grade generator to power the entire neighborhood during a blackout? Look no further than the Generac 5734 GP15000E 15000 Running Watts/22500 Starting Watts generator. The 992cc OHVI engine means this generator has the power to keep your business running for hours. With electric start capability, a battery back-up, and an hour meter, you can’t go wrong with this model. The idle control and low-oil shutdown features also help conserve fuel and reduce noise.

3. Champion Power Equipment 100111 15,000/12,000-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start and Lift Hook

The Champion Power Equipment 100111 15,000/12,000-Watt Portable Generator offers the best performance in a portable generator. This model features ultra-powerful 15000 starting watts and 12000 running watts, giving you up to 9 hours of run time on a full tank of gasoline. With a noise level of 78 dba at 23 feet, this generator features electric start, reliable 717cc v-twin champion engine, and built-in cold start technology for easy starts. This generator also has one 120v 30a locking receptacle, a 120/240v 30a locking receptacle, a 120/240v 50a and four 120v 20a gfci outlets.

4. A-iPower SUA15000EC SUA15000E 15000 Watt Ultra Heavy Duty Generator, EPA/CARB COMPLIED Ship to All 50 States

The A-iPower SUA15000EC SUA15000E 15000 Watt Ultra Heavy Duty Generator is the best 15000 watt generator on the market. This versatile power plant provides up to 7 hours of run time at 50% load, weighs a mere 280 pounds and is easy to store. The 12000 running watts and 15000 starting watts are combined with a 680cc engine, 24hp ohv, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine with electric start to provide you with high performance wherever you go. With a high-tech carburetor that adjusts for all types of fuel and an easy-to-read fuel gauge to help you monitor your fuel levels, this generator will never let you down.

5. Westinghouse WPro12000 Ultra Duty Industrial Portable Generator – 12000 Rated Watts & 15000 Peak Watts – Gas Powered – Electric & Remote Start – OSHA & CARB Compliant

Westinghouse WPro12000 Ultra Duty Industrial Portable Generator is a best 15000 watt generator that is ideal for construction sites and industrial applications. The 12000 running watts, 15000 peak watts, and 11 hours of run time make it perfect for powering your tools or machinery. With the electric start and remote start with included key fob, this generator starts up quickly and saves you fuel. This generator also has an ultra duty 713cc ohv v-twin westinghouse engine, a long-lasting cast iron sleeve, automatic low oil shutdown, digital hour meter features.

6. RP12000E 12000 Running Watts/15000 Starting Watts Gas Powered portable Generator 502-3699

The RP12000E is designed to provide you with all the power you need for any event or emergency. With a 12000 running watts and 15000 starting watts, this generator is capable of meeting all your needs. For fuel efficiency, we have a 670cc V-twin OHV engine that has an idle mode, pressurized oil system, 11.2 hours of runtime on one tank at 50% load, and low harmonic distortion generator (THD < 5%) with AVR. For ease of use, the control panel is on one side so you can operate it easily.

7. NorthStar Portable Generator – 15,000 Surge Watts, 13,500 Rated Watts, Electric Start, CARB Compliant

The NorthStar Portable Generator is the best 15000 watt portable generator. Don’t be fooled by imitators – this is the real, original NorthStar Generator. With a strong electric start and carb compliant, it’s perfect for your next outdoor adventure. It has a low oil shutdown, volt and hour meters, and gas powered engine for when you need to keep going.

The Benefits of a 15000 Watt Generator

The most significant benefit of a 15000 watt generator is its ability to power large appliances. With these generators, you can have a full range of appliances running at once and get a lot of great energy usage. With the ability to get up to 15,000 watts, you can easily run your washing machine, dishwasher, range, and more. When it comes to heavy duty work, you can power things like concrete saws, wood chippers, log splitter, chain saws, and even gas-powered generators. These are some of the most powerful generators on the market, and they provide a nice home base for building your small homestead. The Best 15000 Watt Generators: Ranges and Cooktops The next thing to consider is the power that these generators can provide when it comes to cooking and heating.

Best 15000 Watt Generator – Buying Considerations

Here are the things to keep in mind when looking at the best 15000 watt generator for you: Nowadays, the biggest companies that make generators use computerized controls and special technology to ensure that you get the most out of your engine and generator. Some of the key manufacturers that make generators that are considered to be of this caliber are Cummins, Caterpillar, Honda, and ProGen. Many of these are available through online retailers but can be found in a lot of hardware stores. It is important that you go into these stores and look over the units to ensure that they are up to the specifications you want. Do not forget that you are not buying a whole new piece of equipment.

Why you need a generator

If you are a professional, you’ll still need a generator. If you are working on a building or landscaping, you’ll need the generator. If you are traveling or are a member of the armed forces, you will need the generator. Regardless of the reason you need a generator, you need one. If you don’t want to leave your home or have a generator you can’t use, there is no doubt that a generator will be necessary. Another reason you should have a generator is for emergencies. When you live in an area prone to natural disasters, you may not be able to be without power for days or even weeks. If you have a portable generator, you will be able to use it for emergencies. The last reason is so that you can be self-sufficient.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for the best 15000 watt generator on the market for your needs? Before you go out and buy a new generator, make sure you ask these questions first. How big is your site? If you are looking for a generator for the beach, for example, you will need to consider how many people and how much space it will take up. The more power you want, the bigger your generator. Also, is your site flat?

If you need a generator to power multiple appliances or your RV simultaneously, you will need to know that it will not tip over if you are using it for cooking or grill. How much water will you be using? You will need a generator to run your water pump and will also want to use it to fill up your water jugs. The more water you need the bigger your generator will need to be. If you need to power more than just large appliances or your farm, then you should check out our list of the Best 1500 Watt Generators for Heavy Duty Operation.

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